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Message from Senator Enverga

Greetings to the FANB, Inc. - Saint John Chapter

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your very warm reception during our visit to Saint John, New Brunswick. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and knowing of the great contributions that kababayans like yourselves are...

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Services for our Kababayans

Here, you will find services that may be of interest to you such as remitting money to the Philippines or other countries, sending baiikbayan boxes back home, realstate needs, etc. Please note that FANB is NOT affiliated with any of these service providers.

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About Us

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Filipino Association of New Brunswick, Inc. is an Association of Filipinos, Canadians with Filipino descent and Canadians of non-Filipino descent living in New Brunswick, Canada.



Our Objectives:

    • To promote and preserve the Filipino cultural heritage
    • Welcome and assist Filipino Newcomers in New Brunswick and help them adjust to their new environment
    • To encourage high ethical standards of professional and personal conduct
    • To promote friendly relations among Filipinos and people of all nations
    • To keep members up-to-date on current developments in the Association, in the community and in our native country
    • To facilitate communication among Filipino organizations existing in Canada and other countries
    • To organize charitable activities and render reasonable assistance to members and to other Filipinos here and in the Philippines who are in need, and to do things conducive to the welfare of the members
    • To encourage active participation in the affairs of Filipinos, Canadians, and other communities like competitive sports and multicultural activities

History of FANB     

Groups of Filipinos were already actively participating in government-initiated projects and multi-cultural endeavours way before the actual association was formed. And it so happened that during the Canada Day Celebration last July 1st 2007, Tony Mina unexpectedly witnessed the participation of many Filipinos wearing the national costume, waving the Philippine flag, proudly marching and announcing to everybody who they were and where they were from. It was a sight to behold. This inspired Tony Mina and an idea took root from that day on.


Tony Mina was the former president of the Filipino Association of Nova Scotia. He thought of contacting the people to suggest the formation of an association and to become a recognized body. A group with a sense of community and unity is awe-inspiring but by becoming a registered organization, one will have more capacity to achieve greater aspirations in looking after each other’s welfare as well as in  reaching out to others .


It was an opportune time when Tony Mina received an information about the Philippine Ambassador’s visit to New Brunswick to attend a conference in St. Andrew. The Ambassador wanted to meet the Filipinos in New Brunswick as well. Tony Mina conferred with Jocelyn Weirathmueller and the other Filipinos in the area about the information. He suggested to form the association then and to invite the Ambassador during the induction of  the newly elected officers.


The idea was received with alacrity. The first unofficial assembly was conducted on July 29, 2007 at the Weirathmueller’s residence, and followed by a meeting   five days later. Time was of the essence and the seed of inspiration grew spreading among the Filipinos. The association’s name was chosen over New Brunswick Filipino Association and Fredericton Filipino Association. Hence, the Filipino Association of New Brunswick (FANB) was born.

Birth of FANB

Our Vision

To be a compelling force within our community; spearheading a united voice that nurtures the uniqueness of the Filipino heritage and embracing the cultural diversity of our Society.


Our Mission

    • To uphold and promote the exemplary core values that showcase the ingenuity of the true Filipino spirit through active community participation and implementation of unified objectives
    • To serve as the beacon of identity and the voice of hope to its members
    • To initiate endeavours geared towards the overall betterment of the people within the community that we aim to serve.